Monday, August 22, 2011


Do you want to play WHOT? What? The card game, WHOT. What? Much like the American “Who’s of first?”, this conversation goes on and on until I show them the deck of WHOT cards. Ah ha! Then the game begins. Instead of circle, square and triangle, we say bowl, carpet and angle (with a Nigerian accent, of course). 20 is a wild card that switches the shape, 14 means general market (everyone pick 1 card), 8 means skip the next person, 5 means for the next person to pick up 3 cards (unless you can defend by playing a 5), 2 means the next person picks up 2 cards, and 1 means hold on because I’m going to play whatever card I want to next. The game’s similar to UNO in that you match shapes and numbers and the first person to play all their cards wins. I’ll bring a deck of cards home so let me know if you want to play. To make it authentic, we’ll turn off all the houselights and play in candlelight!

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