Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Auntie

Saturday’s wedding between Pastor Esther and Victor is a testament to God’s faithfulness. Widowed for ten years due to her husband’s AIDS’ complications, Pastor Esther (a counselor and discipleship teacher at the Faith Alive Clinic) found another chance at love. Nobody has to tell me that they’re right for each other—I can see it in their eyes. Actually, I see the way that Victor looks at his bride. It reminds me of how my husband looked at me during our honeymoon stage.

They honored me by inviting me to be a “Big Auntie.” That means that I wore the bride’s green and gold family fabric (versus the green and purple Faith Alive fabric) and a massive headgear. I also spent the day with Pastor Esther, the “amaria,” from 7:15 am until 4:30 pm. The day started with dressing the bride and progressed to watching the bride’s senior brother accept the dowry of food, wrappers (fabric), money, palm oil and kola nuts. This was followed by a “church” wedding inside the Faith Alive Clinic and led to the reception at the new Faith Alive building’s courtyard.

Here’s to many blessings for the bride and groom!

(Photos are of me with the groom, and the bride and groom in traditional wedding attire.)

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