Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sunday: A Call or a Misdial?

On Sunday I worshipped with Daniel, Rahila and little Chris at an ECWA church (Evangelical Church of West Africa, I think). What a joy to hold wiggly little Chris during the two-hour regular service followed by the thirty-minute communion service. Thanks to a pen, my Bible sports a few ink marks and folded pages; truly a great reminder of him when I go back to America.

The Pastor talked about our calling in life. While he didn’t use one of my favorite phrases (right-fit), he talked about some people following the wrong call to ministry or mission. “Are you sure,” he asked, “that you heard the right call? Maybe someone dialed your number by mistake and it was just a misdial.”

For me, I want to make sure that my phone has enough credit to receive any call that God wants to make on my life. And I will need to answer and make sure I recognize the caller’s voice.

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