Monday, August 22, 2011

Support Group Picnic

After helping my friend’s son get set up at another hospital on Sunday, I joined the Faith Alive support group’s special picnic at a nearby wildlife park. We looked at monkeys, crocodiles, lions, antelopes and an elephant (all caged, much like at a zoo) before gathering under the pine trees to sing, dance and play a game.
For the game, people were asked to recite certain things: favorite Bible verses, a song in their local dialect, the meaning of HIV and Faith Alive’s Founding Coordinator’s full name (Dr. Christian Ogegbunem Isichei).

Dr. Chris encouraged the group members to fish for themselves, meaning that they need to become self-sufficient and not rely on Faith Alive for everything. “Faith Alive has given you a lot of things,” he said, “and now it is time for you to work hard to help yourselves.” Join me in praying that these wonderful HIV+ people be empowered to not only make their way in life, but also bless others as they have been blessed.

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