Sunday, August 7, 2011

Out of Credit

It’s been days since I spoke with or emailed my husband back in the United States. Why? The stars need to align for me to have my laptop at the main clinic when the server is working and I have at least an hour to sit and wait for the connection to everything that I want. Yes, I called Mark once, but it was mid-day his time and he was in an important meeting.

Last night I tried to call him during his Saturday morning, but all I heard on the phone was three beeps. So I tried to call Daniel but also heard the three beeps. Given that it was evening here (we stay in our guesthouse compound after 6 pm unless Dr. Chris escorts us someplace), I went to neighbor Ben’s flat. “My handset is not working,” I said. “Would you please call Daniel for me so that he can tell me what time his church is tomorrow?” Ben called Daniel who left his Arsenal soccer viewing (I feel honored because he LOVES his Arsenal) to rush over to help with my phone. “Let’s see what is the problem,” he said. He pressed *123 and said, “Ahhh” and looked at me. “You are out of credit!” Bless his heart, he quickly went to get me more.

Finally, I went back to my flat, settled in and dialed home. But instead of hearing beep, beep, beep, I saw a message that said “Network failed.” Welcome to Nigeria.

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