Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sunday: Kiddies Club and Young Snatchers

After church service and a sinfully carb-loaded lunch at the guesthouse, we attended a special presentation in our honor at Faith Alive. The Kiddies Club (mostly for Orphans and Vulnerable Children but including a few others) gave presentations about each of their regular Saturday morning activities (reading, dancing, drama, arts and crafts, computer and recreation).

Pastor Ben arranged for a special group of community children (The Young Snatchers) to perform fast-moving African dances. If it weren’t for the blaring music, you could’ve heard a pin drop as everyone’s jaws dropped and eyes widened to watch the talent.

While we appreciated the special day, we remember that Faith Alive needs funds to continue the Kiddies Club activities. Here’s to many more years of children learning and playing together on Saturdays with such energetic and loving mentor-leaders.

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