Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Building

Dr. Chris, Founder and Coordinator of the Faith Alive Clinic, finally has a new office to replace his temporary workspaces. It’s housed in the new building, just one structure away from the main Faith Alive Clinic, where he conducts his mentoring classes. Dr. Mercy, his wife, also has an office there where she will consult about surgeries and such.

Inside the compound I see about a dozen rooms (with bunkbed frames but no doors yet) waiting for new residents of transitional housing. Between the offices and housing, there’s a daycare center that will be for Nigerian volunteers’ children.

I’m in awe of how the clinic continues to grow despite uncertainties about future funding. I guess if they waited until they had everything assured, Faith Alive would never have even started. We have Dr. Chris to thank. Because of his God-given vision and obedience to that call, God proved faithful. May we all have the courage to say “yes” to God.

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