Monday, August 22, 2011


On Friday, I enjoyed sharing fattoush salad and conversation with other oyibos (white people) at a local restaurant. Mark and Brenda Hartmann-Souder, American missionaries with MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) invited me to lunch and I gladly accepted. Nigerian mission worker Matthew (also with MCC) joined us. I’d met them briefly in 2008 but wanted to reconnect with them. They are doing wonderful work supporting a variety of Nigerian partners and we praise God for their continued relationship with the Faith Alive Clinic.

It was interesting to hear the couple’s perspective on safety in Jos. They’re in their fourth year here out of five, staying despite concerns of family and friends. Much like other Nigerians, they say that things are much calmer here now and are glad to see visitors again. I’m sure it’s helped that everyone’s taking security precautions—using metal detectors, hiring guards, moving pastors out of parsonages and away from churches (so that both pastors and churches won’t be destroyed together) and even some Christians dressing like Muslims on Fridays (when most Islam-led violence begins).

My experience this trip has been safe and I appreciate your prayers that it continues to be. Let peace reign!

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