Monday, August 22, 2011

Girls' Day Out

With people here to cook, clean and do my laundry, I spent this Saturday enjoying time with Dr. Mercy (Dr. Chris’s surgeon wife). I told her that I felt like I won the lottery to spend so much time to spend with her—she’s normally quite busy juggling two jobs, volunteering at Faith Alive and being a wife and mother.

We started by going to the new Udebrae Art Gallery near the Jos Museum; the main artist is painting a picture of Faith Alive for me. After agreeing that he’s doing a wonderful job and only needs to add more green, we went to another shop that sells beautiful quilts, dolls and textiles. I plan to resell many of the items at our church’s pre-Christmas market; all profit will benefit the Faith Alive Clinic.

No girls’ day out is complete without eating out, so we enjoyed fattoush salad and spring rolls at the Elysur Restaurant. We hardly noticed when the electricity came on and off throughout our lunch. I had to adjust my eyes in the nearly-pitch dark restroom, but the flush toilet made up for it.

After the rain stopped, we came back to the guesthouse so that Dr. Mercy could review the chapter I’ve written about her. She added some details and made some minor corrections. Hopefully there will be time before I leave for us to go to her house and look at photos from Faith Alive’s early days. We could’ve spent more time talking but her children needed her.

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