Thursday, August 25, 2011

Driving School

The Faith Alive Clinic offers skill acquisition classes to dozens of people each year. Students who attend and learn for about a year graduate. Sewing and knitting students receive machines with the intention for them to start their own businesses and generate income. Rather than expensive laptops, computer school graduates benefit from the experience. I’m not sure what graduates of the arts & crafts school receive.

Because most of these skills appeal only to women, Faith Alive is starting to take applications for a driving school. In Nigeria, it’s a luxury to own a car. Many adults pay others to drive them via vehicle or motorbike (okada). While I know how to drive in America, I wouldn’t dare drive in Jos where street lights and street lines are nonexistent.

The driving school’s goal is to graduate well-qualified drivers who will find access to vehicles and start their own businesses. It’s all part of Faith Alive’s goal to empower people to move from dependency on others to self-sustainability.

Here’s to Nigeria’s future drivers!

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