Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prince Prays

Faith Alive guests are always asked at their last family staff meeting to say a few words about what they’re going to take home from Faith Alive. Knowing that they don’t want to hear about the souvenirs and such, I told them that I’m taking home two things based on my conversation yesterday with Amos, the architect of the Faith Alive Clinic. He read the chapter I’d written about his life and I asked him, “What did that feel like reading about yourself?” He reflected for a moment and said, “Inspired and challenged. Inspired by God’s faithfulness in my life and challenged to do even more.” That’s exactly what I’m taking home from my trip—inspiration and challenge.

Following that, someone else (usually a staff person who knows the guests well) comes up front to pray for the guests. Little did I know that Prince, Dr. Chris Isichei’s son, had gotten up early, dressed in his Sunday suit, came to work with his daddy and was sitting in the front row just to pray for me. I’d gotten through my talk without crying, but I couldn’t help myself when Prince stood in front of over 100 staff members to lift me in prayer. Thank you, Prince. And thank you, Drs. Chris and Mercy, for raising children who love God.

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