Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Tree is Nice?

Do you remember the children’s book titled A Tree is Nice? I think it’s about how trees provide so many benefits to people. Well, the management at Faith Alive aren’t so keen on trees right now. During last week’s “breeze” (which I consider more of a mini-monsoon), a number of nearby trees fell on top of homes and businesses. Neighbors scrambled to safety and protect their belongings from their ripped apart tin roofs. Dr. Chris gathered the team visiting from Church of the Nativity in Baltimore for an “evacuation” of items from someone’s shop.

To prevent the possibility of future damage to Faith Alive, workmen felled one of the two main trees in front of the clinic. I think that the other tree will succumb to the same fate tomorrow. It’s a shame to see the towering greenery gone, but it’d be more horrible if they injure or kill innocent people. Maybe someone will need to write a sequel titled A Tree Can Be Mean.

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