Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Gun to Kill a Fly

Faith Alive visitors often catch a cold, sweat a fever or have an upset stomach while here. After all, It’s only natural for their immune systems to be a bit jolted in a different culture. It finally happened to me. I have a bit of stomach pain that started yesterday morning and reappear when I least expect it. So last night I took an antibiotic (Levoquin) prescribed by my American doctor and today told Dr. Chris.

“Nooo, you don’t use a gun to kill a fly,” he said. “That drug won’t help you anyway. You just have a small bit of bacteria fermenting. Let me get you something else.”

With a Faith Alive pharmacy at his disposal, he brought me some Tetraycline and told me to rest. Praise God, I am already feeling better.

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