Thursday, August 25, 2011

MCC Supporter

What a joy to meet Pamela Brown Peterside, a Nigerian-Irish woman currently living in the United States who supports the Faith Alive Clinic through Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). She’s in Nigeria visiting relatives and stopped by on Monday to see what we’re all about. “What do you think?” I asked her at lunch after Dr. Chris Isichei’s tour of Faith Alive. I don’t remember her exact words, but they were along the lines of, “I’m really impressed. I had no idea how holistic this ministry is.”

Pamela learned about Faith Alive through an article a few years ago in MCC’s monthly magazine, A Common Place. I’ll have to go through their archives to read the specific article. Whether or not I find it, she’s a reminder about the power of the written word. Sannu da zuwa, Pamela. You are welcome anytime.

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