Monday, August 22, 2011


One of my main goals for this trip is to fact-check the chapters in my book. Actually, I should start calling it God’s book because that’s the truth. It’s only by God’s grace and power that it’s at this stage. Pastor Ben encouraged me today to lean into God to finish the project. I’d told him that I need strength and motivation to complete what I started two years ago. He said that it’s when we feel weak that we know God is approaching; God wants to work in our weaknesses so that only He gets the credit.

I have appointments with about a dozen people to discuss the chapters about them. So far, everyone’s been receptive and only offered minor factual changes. This weekend I hope to spend time talking with Dr. Mercy Isichei (Dr. Chris’s wife) about her chapter—there’s so much I want to write about her but need to focus on just a few scenes.

While writing a bit in the Faith Alive library last week, a staff member’s daughter came in to browse through the children’s books. It was wonderful to watch someone from the future generation find such joy from reading. May God’s book about Faith Alive bless and encourage many people.

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