Sunday, August 7, 2011

Captain, My Captain

During Dr. Chris’s sabbatical this past year from his fulltime job at JUTH (Jos University Teaching Hospital), he’s implemented a few changes at Faith Alive. One of my favorites is assigning a Faith Alive Captain of the Week. That person, whatever their level of job position, is given full honor during their tenure. They are to present a written report at the next week’s staff/family meeting about what happened the past week regarding number of patients seen, staff attendance, special visitors, problems and resolutions.

Just eight weeks into this program, Brian Crook, Mission Director and special visitor from Church of the Nativity in Baltimore, is assigned the honor as Captain. He sports a white armband and receives salutes from the staff who give him their full respect and authority. While washing dishes tonight, someone took him aside and said, “Captain, I cannot allow you to do this.” With responsibility come perks!

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