Thursday, August 25, 2011


I expect the electricity to be sporadic in Nigeria, but it seems to be especially bad this week. We haven’t had light for three days now. Think of all the things that rely on power and you’ll begin to understand how this affects daily life. I feel a little guilty running the guesthouse generator when I know that many others in the neighborhood can’t afford a generator, much less the fuel it needs.

Quite the opposite is now true at the Faith Alive Clinic, thanks to the generosity of a donor in the United States. Today the Executive Committee commissioned the new generator that has the ability to power the entire block. Actually, a representative from the generator company told us that we’re currently only using a small portion of its capacity and it will last longer if we supply power to the neighbors. Faith Alive is exploring its options and I’m sure will do what it can to help others.

Many people living on Zik Avenue in Jos are in the dark today when the light source is so close, and many Nigerians are without electricity in this country that’s rich with oil.

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