Monday, November 29, 2010

Mollie's Birthday

Nigerian Faith Alive family, do you remember Mollie? I'll bet you do. Who can forget the small-statured young mom with a big smile who visited you almost two years ago? Pastor Cindy, Naomi and I celebrated Mollie's birthday yesterday at a quaint restaurant called "The Chocolate Cafe." Can you guess what we ate?

We lovingly laughed at Naomi because she didn't take her coat off, even though we were inside a heated building. It was a snowy evening and we were just grateful that she ventured out with us. Mollie told her about silk long underwear--a long-sleeved top and tight pants to wear underneath clothing. I think it's time to get Naomi a pair.

Back to Mollie. She greets all of you, and keeps you in her thoughts and prayers. Let's start praying that she can come with me to Nigeria before her next birthday.

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