Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Chris Update

Many of you have asked about little Chris, the four-year-old Nigerian boy who had heart surgery in India recently. He's doing GREAT! His teacher said that he doesn't need to return to school until after the Christmas break, so his mommy reads to him and helps him remember what he's learned so far. Her work place has been gracious enough to give her time off so that she can be with him every day. Today and tomorrow his daddy Daniel is home; there's a two-day public holiday in Nigeria for Muhammad's birthday.

When NEPA isn't on (electricity, and hence cartoons), little Chris loves to play with his soccer ball. It doesn't matter if he's indoors or outside--he kicks the ball. I imagine he's inspired by all the Super Eagles and Arsenal games that he watches with his daddy. One day we might be cheering for little Chris in the World Cup!

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