Monday, November 8, 2010

Jenny and James

I just had the best weekend with my daughter Jenny and her husband James in San Francisco. They've both been to Faith Alive in Nigeria and send their greetings to everyone there. Jenny was actually the first one of us to go to Jos. She came back and said to her scaredy-cat mom, "You should go. I think you'd really like it." Little did she know just how much I'd fall in love with Faith Alive.

Speaking of love, James actually proposed to her the evening she came back from her first trip to Nigeria. That day I surprised them by meeting Jenny at the Denver airport. While James and I waited for her to land and go through customs, he said something like, "Is it still okay with you if I marry your daughter?" I'd been dropping hints for a few years because I really wanted him to be my son-in-law. After hugging Jenny, I skedaddled so that James could take her to the limo, roses, and ring that awaited.

They'll celebrate their second wedding anniversary on New Year's Eve. She's a Physician Assistant, he's a Landscape Architect, and they're enjoying married life in the city of love. I couldn't be more proud of them.

(They're holding wooden welcome plaques from Faith Alive, shaped like Africa and Nigeria.)

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