Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mollie Dollie

This post is especially for you Nigerians who want to see Mollie and her family (with Naomi). I call her Mollie Dollie because she's so petite. When we went to Faith Alive Hospital together last year, the shirts and skirts in her suitcase looked as tiny as doll clothes.

Anyway, Mollie stood up in front of our church's congregation last Sunday and told how she saw God at work at Faith Alive. Tears rolled down her cheeks and her voice jumped a few octaves as she shared how her Save-A-Life patient's faith in Jesus has inspired her own spiritual growth. Her patient's husband, a minister, abandoned his wife and three children, all HIV+, to fend for themselves. He also left the ministry. Mollie said, "I expected her to be really angry at him, but instead she asked us to pray that her husband come back to Jesus."

On another note, little Chris and Daniel are feeling restless while waiting for surgery. They have to stay in the hospital room so that little Chris doesn't pick up any infections. Yesterday he "taught" his daddy how to color with crayons in the coloring book he got on the airplane.

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