Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful for the Faith Alive Family

This week of daily thanksgivings wouldn't be complete without showing my gratitude for the global Faith Alive family. Dr. Chris tells each visitor that they are now part of this family--and he means it. If we return to Jos a second time, we receive a wooden plaque of Nigeria that says, "Welcome home." I'm thankful for our Nigerian brothers and sisters in Christ and count them among my closest kin.

I'm also grateful for the Colorado Faith Alive family, all thirty-something of us who've traveled to Jos. Last summer I hosted them for a pre-garage sale dinner, and send them periodic email updates. Just this week I asked them to put Faith Alive on their Christmas gift list. Some are already asking where to send their checks. (First Presbyterian Church, Erika Nossokoff, 531 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524. Make the check out to "First Presbyterian Church" and write "Faith Alive" in the memo line) It's great to share updates, photos and memories with them.

Whether you're a Faith Alive family member from near or far, you're always welcome in my home. Just let me know when you're coming, and I'll set a place for you at my table, turn down the sheets, and leave the light on.

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