Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Triple Bottom Line

Naomi's adjusting really well to life in the United States and learning a lot at Colorado State University where she's enrolled in the GSSE program (Global Social and Sustainable Enterprises). It used to be that companies focused on the bottom line--profit. This newer way of thinking is concerned with a triple bottom line--people, planet, and profit.

CSU's website states, "The GSSE Program seeks to provide sustainable enterprise solutions to some of the most stubborn issues of our time including poverty, disease, malnutrition and environmental degradation. We do that by graduating students with the appropriate training, experience and character necessary to create and operate for-profit and nonprofit startups, nongovernmental organizations, and to work in multinational companies that champion social and environmental objectives while delivering solid returns on investment."

Impressive. Those are great things to know and take back to Faith Alive. But in between official schoolwork, Naomi's also learning about her own triple bottom line--transportation, food, and comfort. She already knows that there's a bus stop near her house, there are free refills of large buttery popcorn at the movie theater, and she's going to need a very thick coat to wear when the weather turns colder (she's already freezing in September).

(Photo of Naomi on her first day of class. Posted with her permission.)

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