Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kai, the Gen!

We've been hearing a lot of kais lately. I don't know how it's spelled, but frustration is understood in any language. Electricity in Nigeria is a MAJOR problem. The Nigerian Power Association (NEPA)is extremely unreliable (we're fortunate if it comes on randomly for at least an hour a day), leaving homes and businesses to rely on fuel-powered generators. Faith Alive's gen was broken again for the last few days, completely halting the lab, xray, and ultrasound machines. No surgery, no medical records, no pharmacy records, no internet (hence no blog entries for a few days). Some patients have waited for HOURS each day waiting for their medical tests. I met a woman with a CD4 of 8 who was waiting for her chest xray; we need to know if she has tuberculosis to know whether or not to start with ARVs or wait and treat for tb. Electricity also powers the well water that flows through our pipes. Without it, the sewage starts to back up and fill the clinic with stench. Kai!

We're praising God that the gen is at least temporarily fixed today. But the bigger problem remains. A new gen costs about $75,000 USD. Anyone know of a compassionate company willing to make a large donation? (Photo courtesy of Frank Lozano)

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  1. Hi Erika and Mark,

    Don't you just wish a new generator would fall out of the sky! That must be quite an ordeal to not even have water, let alone electricity. Sounds as if you, Mark, are falling right in step with your surroundings. Cinny & Toby miss you.
    Love, Mom & Dad