Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good News

Who among us doesn't need good news? That's Faith Alive Hospital's spiritual theme for December, based on Luke 2:10. May you be encouraged (especially those of you in Jos who are experiencing some reprisal violence)as you read Pastor Ben's interpretation.

"The angel that announced the birth of Jesus, declaring, 'I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.' Why was the birth of Jesus a good news to the world? This is the question we shall try to consider.

“The news about the appearance of Jesus became ultimately good news worthy of acceptance and spreading because of the good it came with to mankind. The summary of the goody goodies that accompanied the appearance of Jesus is found in Isaiah 61.

“To the poor, the good news is, he was anointed to preach to them.
To the broken hearted, he was sent to bind their broken heart.
To the captives, he came to announce freedom for them.
To the prisoners, he came to set them free.
To unmerited and unqualified, he came to show them favor.
To those who mourn, he came to comfort them.
To those who lack and grieve, he came to provide for them.
To those in ashes, he works to give them beauty.
He replaces mourning with oil of gladness.
He places garment of praises on those who are depressed.
To the sick he is the healer.
To those in darkness he is the light.
The poor he made rich.
To the sinners he came to save.
He is advocate to the offenders.
To the hungry he is the bread of life.
To the thirsty he is living water.
The list may continue inexhaustible.
Who will say he does not need him, as he is everything to all and a solution to all mankind’s problems.
The good news that was announced by the angels has become the gospel we preach today. Therefore, Christmas will not be complete, if eat, drink and sending gifts but fail to spread the gospel.
Angels announced and spread it to the shepherds; the Magi announced and spread it in Jerusalem; now it is our turn to spread it in our environment.


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