Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gifts for a Cause

Dozens of people at First Presbyterian Church in Fort Collins decided to buy at least some of their Christmas gifts this year from agencies that support worthwhile causes. Sara Hunt (Save-A-Life Financial Administrator) and I "womaned" a booth for Faith Alive overall, Save-A-Life Personal Sponsorship Program, and Elim Elementary School. We sold toys, stuffed animals, handmade cards and ornaments, and Nigerian crafts and fabrics. Thanks to all our loyal supporters who made purchases.

I had the most fun selling to a couple of children, specifically two sets of brothers. One set carefully chose a Nigerian necklace for their mother, and wanted it to be different from the one they bought from us last year for her. The other brothers, prompted by their parents, chose gifts for each other (way to go, Pam and Jon!). I have a feeling that they each prefer the gift they bought, but isn't that typical? We usually buy gifts that we'd like to receive.

Thanks go to Heidi Madden and Anna Harper (wife of Chris, affectionately called "White Jesus" when he visited Faith Alive in 2008) for organizing the event. Hopefully they'll offer it again next year and I can sell a lot of new things I'll buy when I'm in Nigeria again, God-willing. Cindy Anderle, our church's Elim School Coordinator, also deserves thanks for making some cute pencil sets to sell.

(Photo of me with Sara. Yes, me. Not Sarah Palin....)

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