Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Greetings from the Isicheis and Faith Alive Family

Last week I posted greetings from the extended Faith Alive family; thanks to everyone who submitted encouraging messages. It's with great joy that today we hear from Dr. Chris and his family.

"One handsome man had his life 'shattered' in obedience to God’s will--Joseph. One beautiful woman and indeed heroine of Christmas had her life 'shattered' in obedience to God’s will--Mary. They both took further risk in obedience to God’s will-—to run from a familiar place and from Herod by taking the child to Egypt. Their earthly son Emmanuel, God with us, followed the steps of his earthly father and mother and obeyed both his earthly parents and more importantly, His Heavenly father TO THE END. Jesus Christ, the son and our Saviour, also God the Father in human flesh. Christmas signifies a lot and a time to rejoice for the transformation that has come into our world and lives, but more importantly a time to allow Him to 'shatter' our lives and have His way--a time of absolute obedience.

We wish to use this Christmas and new season to wish all our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, children, cousins, and indeed ALL our prayer partners and numerous supporters a BLESSED HOLY SEASON MARKED BY ABSOLUTE SURRENDER TO HIS WILL IN OUR LIVES, CAREERS/PROFESSIONS AND INDEED ALL WE DO."


(Photo of Drs. Chris and Mercy Isichei and their children, wearing traditional Nigerian clothes, taken earlier this year.)

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