Friday, December 17, 2010

Pastor Cindy's Greetings

Today's greeting comes from Pastor Cindy of Fort Collins, Colorado. She came with me to Nigeria in 2009.

"Christmas Greetings to all who are part of the Faith Alive family!

Recently I had the honor of speaking as part of a panel discussion at my college reunion. They asked what I had learned from my humanitarian travels and I was able to talk about how I have new heroes in my life—heroes who are living sacrificially and are living to serve others and to serve a cause larger than themselves. As I was talking, in my mind’s eye, I saw all of you! You are heroes to me in the way that you trust unquestionably in God and in how you live a life of joy and faith and service to God and God’s people! I am just one of many people who return from the Faith Alive clinic inspired by your joyful hearts and your sacrificial service. What a powerful example you are of living in light of the kingdom of God and in the footsteps of Jesus!

I wish you well this Christmas season and pray that 2011 is a rich year of serving in the name of Christ! Blessings, Cindy"

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