Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ben Ochenjele, Administrator & Pastor

“I am the Head of Administration of Faith Alive and the Chairman of the Executive Council. I play the role Biana played while here. I receive and disperse information; I make sure day-to-day work runs smoothly and attend to all complaints. Those I could not handle I get to Chris and receive instruction from him as to how the affairs of FA should be. This leadership position has broadened my management perspective which I knew God was long preparing me for. I can see clearly what Chris and Biana have been seeing.

“What excites me in this role is the ability to keep things moving in the right direction in the midst of crisis, and the ability to lead such a large number of people from different professions with different mentalities, faiths and backgrounds.

“My church is Christian Evangelical Fellowship of Nigeria. I pioneer an interdenominational Ministry, GOSPEL PARTNERS AFRICA, that responds and voices out the need of churches in crisis.”

Pastor Ben and his wife Doris are expecting their second child this month. Please join them in thanksgiving and prayer for a safe delivery.

(Photo courtesy of Pastor Scott Herr)

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