Thursday, September 16, 2010

Up, Up and Away

For those of you who’ve ridden in airplanes, do you remember your first ride? To be honest, I don’t remember mine, and a lot of things in the passenger process have changed since then.

As I’m writing this, Daniel and little Chris are in an Arab Emirates airplane flying from Lagos, Nigeria to Bangalore, India. I wonder what amazes them the most. It could be the big things, like looking out the window and knowing they’re so high above the ground. Or realizing how they can be on one continent on Thursday and another one across the ocean on Friday. But I imagine that a lot of small things are equally exciting, especially for a four-year-old. Tray tables that fold down from the seat in front of them. “Free” food trays brought to them by the women and men in matching uniforms. Toilets that flush with the strength of a high-powered vacuum. Non-stop cartoons on the t.v. screen.

It’s good for little Chris to focus on the wonder of the trip. He doesn’t need to worry about what lies ahead for major surgery. We’ll leave that up to his mommy and daddy (and all of us who are earnestly praying for a successful surgery).

(Photo is from a random book I found online.)

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