Friday, September 17, 2010

New Blog

Check this out--another blog about Faith Alive Hospital. It's also about the Anawim Home that Hope for West Africa supports. Click here to read Teresa Pompa's first weekly post.

I was in Jos last year with Teresa and her team from Church of the Nativity in Baltimore, Maryland. It was Teresa's second trip there because once wasn't enough. I totally get that. On one of her last days there, she told me that she wanted to sponsor a Save-A-Life patient. I waited for a great match, and in walked a beautiful young woman who had just learned that she had AIDS and needed to start taking antiretroviral medications right away. I tracked down Teresa at Faith Alive's beauty salon, and she rushed over (with long, blonde wet hair!). The meeting was a true blessing for both of them.

I look forward to reading the blog she's writing for HFWA and hearing more stories. Hopefully her next post will be about Dr. Chris's visit to Church of the Nativity this week.


  1. Thanks for the mention Erika and thanks for all you do for Faith Alive. I look forward to sharing blog stories with you.

  2. Thanks Teresa. I loved your latest update on fb about Dr. Chris's visit.