Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Chris, Little Chris

I never thought I'd refer to short-statured Dr. Chris as big, but that's the best way to describe him when I'm also talking about little Chris. We praise God that both of them are on the road to recovery.

Big Chris is healing well with the help of retired nurse Diane Blattner. While I bring him cold compresses, Diane knows to ask, "On a scale of 1-10, what is your pain?" Today is a 1, with 10 being excrutiating. He enjoys his Cokes, high-speed internet and visitors, although surely he must long to be home with his wife and children. Right now he's reading what I've written so far in my book (aka "manuscript" to all you agents and publishers) about Faith Alive.

Little Chris is doing so well that he keeps begging, "Daddy, take me out of this place." Not fond of the tubes and needles, his desire to go home is a good sign that he's feeling better. Who can blame him for not liking intentive care--there is no television with endless cartoons.

God-willing, they will be reunited with their Nigerian families in October.

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