Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Abba Baba at Da'Adi

Sounds like a tongue-twister, right? It is. Try saying "Abba Baba at Da'Adi" five times in a row really fast. So what does it mean? Abba and Baba both mean the same thing--Daddy or Papa--and Da'Adi is Faith Alive's cafe/canteen (depending on if you're from America or Nigeria).

For years, the cook at Faith Alive's guesthouse (known to us only as Baba) has whipped up toast, pancakes, mystery-meat dishes, yams, and other foods that westerners enjoy. But until Dr. Chris says that it's okay for guests to start visiting again, Baba will work at Da'Adi making traditional Nigerian food.

I imagine that every visitor would love to put Baba in their suitcase (he might actually fit!) and take him home with them. He's worked so hard for us that we'd like the chance to cook for him in our homes. Since that's not possible, we'll have to pack our luggage and share a meal with him the next time we go to Faith Alive.

(Photo of Baba taken by Cathy McDermott in 2007)

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