Monday, September 13, 2010

Election Date Set

In the United States, Presidential elections are held every four years on the Tuesday between November 2-8, without exception. Not so in Nigeria. Friends keep asking me when the Nigerian Presidential election will be next year; they know that Dr. Chris wants me and other visitors to wait until after that to travel there. "I'm not sure," I've told them. "January or May, I think, but I really don't know."

Well, now I know. Last week, Nigerian President Jonathan Goodluck announced that elections will be held on January 22, 2011. He hasn't yet announced his candidacy, although many people think he will. To minimize the chances of a military coup, he just replaced the leaders of his armed forces, police, and internal security.

Peaceful transition of power is never a given in this country that just started democractically electing presidents in 1999. Let's pray for a peaceful and fair process and that each Nigerian's vote be counted.

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