Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Set the Captives Free

Yesterday I went to jail. It was part of my training as a Victims Advocate for the local police department, so I was just an observer. To say that I was ready to walk out the last locked metal door into the fresh air of freedom is an understatement. The images from the three-hour tour, especially from the "red area," are trapped in my memory. Prisoners wearing red are the ones I was told "can't play well with others, even themselves." Locked in their solitary cells with just a small window facing an empty common room, these men were staring, glaring, or shouting. One was wrapping toilet paper around his hands before punching the window. If they weren't a little crazy before their incarceration, they probably were now.

I can't imagine someone just opening all their doors at once and releasing them into the world with the general population. But that's what happened recently at a Nigerian jail. A group of extremists broke into a jail and set 721 captives free. A number of them were fellow extremists imprisoned for their involvement last year with the dangerous Boko Haram sect.

I don't think this is what the Bible means when it talks about setting the captives free. May God foil whatever plans this sect is scheming.

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