Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Heartaid Angel

Have you ever known an angel? Not with wings and a halo, but someone who seems sent by God to deliver an important message or help in a significant way?

Meet Dr. Fidelia Bode-Thomas. She works at Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) in Nigeria and also runs Heartaid Trust, a non-profit that helps children who need lifesaving heart surgeries. I believe she was sent by God to help little Chris. Not only did she connect us with the Indian hospital and doctor, she's working diligently to help Daniel with all the travel arrangements. And just yesterday I learned that she'll escort Daniel and little Chris to Bangalore on her way to Mumbai! That's a major help for a father and son whose first airplane ride will be to another continent.

May God grant Dr. Bode-Thomas's wishlist:

a. To work with other organizations to facilitate the development of a heart hospital based in Nigeria but serving West and Central Africa.

b. To work with other organizations to bring teams of experts to Nigeria to teach heart surgery and care of post-op heart patients with the goal of making heart surgery available to the poor at a cost they can afford.

c. To eventually have trained West African heart surgeons who can perform the surgeries and trained West African staff who can care for post-op hearts independently.

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