Friday, March 26, 2010

Writing Conference

What do "From Proposal to Publication," "Writing the Robust Scene," and "Tragedy to Triumph" have in common? They're all workshops I'll attend this weekend at the Northern Colorado Writers' Conference. I'll enjoy time with people from my writers' group, eat, meet new-to-me writers, eat, hone my writing skills, eat, and even pitch my book to an agent. Did I mention there will be food?

Seriously, I'm really excited about this opportunity. Writing (and endlessly re-writing)at home is pretty solitary. I actually write best at my kitchen table even though I WISH that sweet spot was at Starbucks! It'll be great to network with others who just might be as addicted to their books as I am, talk about Faith Alive, and be reminded that I'm really writing a MANUSCRIPT (it's not a book until it's published).

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