Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Chris -- Jumping a Hurdle

I just got off the phone with Daniel and shared that the process of getting lifesaving heart surgery for his three-year-old son Christian (named after Dr. Chris)is like hurdles. We are about to jump over a big one, but there will be others.

The Director of Gift of Life International said today that the Children's Hospital of New Orleans will most likely agree to do the surgery IF they first do a diagnostic cath procedure and find that little Chris is physically able to handle surgery. If not, there is the chance that Daniel would have to return to Nigeria without his son's surgery. Are we willing to take the risk? ABSOLUTELY! It's actually a miracle that little Chris has this opportunity.

We're putting formalities in place (including the hospital's official decision and invitation) to obtain visas for Daniel and little Chris to come sometime in the next few months.

Please pray for the next hurdle, official approval, letters, and visas. In the meantime, we are celebrating and thanking God for these opportunities.

(Photo from Google Images. God-willing, one day this will be little Chris!)

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