Tuesday, March 9, 2010

JOS - Jesus Our Savior

Those of you who have traveled to Faith Alive have met our beautiful Blessing. I spoke with her just now and she thanks everyone for your prayers. She asks for your prayers -- that Plateau State will experience peace, and that all (especially leadership) understand God’s wisdom.

She mentioned that many people are displaced, living with relations and friends because they don’t feel safe where they are. Blessing and her boys live in a one-room place, and are hosting a friend and three of her relations. I imagine this scene is replicated all across the region.

To cheer her and the girls in her shop, I asked them to sing a song. They burst into one of my favorites -- "Bend Low, Bend Low, Bend Low, and See What the Lord Can Do." What a lift to hear their beautiful voices, and Blessing's laughter amidst the pain.

I’m reminded that Dr. Chris refers to JOS as “Jesus Our Savior.” May He reign in their city, and in their hearts. I definitely see (and hear) Him in Blessing and the girls.

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