Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Nigerian Mother's Day

According to (who knew there was such a site?) and my Faith Alive friend Johnson Rotimi, today is Mother’s Day in Nigeria. He said the celebratons include, but aren’t limited to fathers and children buying gifts for their mothers and/or taking them to an eatery for a treat, women being in charge during church services,and some clubs and organizations giving awards to deserving moms. The technologically savvy ones send their mothers texts and emails as well.

Apparently Ireland and the UK also celebrate mothers today, unlike North America where we honor our moms on the 2nd Sunday in May. So, in honor of Nigerian mother’s day, today’s post is dedicated to my mom.

Click here to listen to an African musical tribute to mothers: Sweet Mother.

(Photo of my wonderful mom. The handsome man with her is her husband of 50 years and my dad.)

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