Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blood For Cattle?

The events yesterday in an area about 30 miles from Jos were eerily similar to what happened recently, but on a smaller scale. Muslim Fulani herdsmen, including a few people dressed in military camouflage, surprised the village at 1 a.m. with guns and cartridges, bows and arrows, machetes, knives and cutlasses. Homes were burned and at least 13 people died. Seven people have been arrested already. The violence is said to be at least in part due to disputes over cattle.

A survivor, Kachollom Pam Dauda, told Nigerian media that she was lucky to have escaped. “I climbed the roof of the house and held to the wood,” she reportedly said. “It was painful more so that I am pregnant. I saw the killers kill my two sisters-in-law, Chundung and Kangyang.”

A member representing Riyom (the local government), Hon. Emmanuel D. Jugul, said the constant attacks on his constituency had created serious fears as farmers in the area are not even celebrating the coming of the cropping season.

Click here if you want to read details about this latest violence.

(Photo by Mark Nossokoff, taken in Nigeria)

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