Sunday, March 28, 2010

Book Title Ideas, Anyone?

Yesterday I met with an agent who wants me to submit my proposal to her. Instead of jumping up and down, I need to sit with her constructive criticism. My writing needs to be less journalistic and my title should be more catchy. Apparently Prescribing Hope: Inspiring True Stories From An African AIDS Hospital is too clinical. So I'm turning to you for ideas in the vein of Half the Sky, Three Cups of Tea, or Eat, Pray, Love. Anyone? In the meantime, I'm going to rework my manuscript to sound more like my blogging voice.


  1. That's great advice. Those books, even the ones by journalists have a much more conversational tone. Even Time Magazine has moved to a more conversational tone. It's more engaging. Besides, the reason journalists use the boring tone is so no one thinks they are biased. You don't want that outcome for your book. You want people to DO something as a result of your book, right? So think motivational, inspirational, a little raw emotion, even indignation or outrage at conditions would be appropriate to show a need for change.

    Get into a feelings place to write it. But, make sure you end in a place where your reader can achieve something or help in some way. Half the Sky made it easy and accessible to DO something to save the world. Otherwise it's just a bummer and no one wants to read a bummer.

    You quit your job because you were so emotionally impacted. Go there. To those feelings. Lay them out raw on the page. Dare.

  2. Thanks Tracee, I agree. No bummers allowed. :-)

  3. Faith Alive
    Hope for Free
    How's Your Hausa?
    Snapshots of Hope
    Amazing Faith

    Just some ideas from somebody who has been touched by that place. Keep on plugging away...

    Gin Gin

  4. Thanks GinGin! I like a mixture of Hope and Hausa. (Actually I like them all, but want to me sure a book publisher likes them!). :-)