Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meet Debbie Gyang

Since I can’t go to Nigeria any time soon, God brought a bit of Nigeria to me! Today I met Debbie Gyang, a wonderful woman from Jos who has lived in Fort Collins for a few years. She is a Christian who was born in Barkin Ladi, studied at Plateau State Polytechnic in Jos, was the VP of Christian Fellowship, worked there with Campus Crusade and Youth With A Mission, and came to Fort Collins so her husband could study pre-med at Colorado State University. Together, they have a two year old daughter.

Her family is Berom Hausa. She’s very clear to differentiate herself from Muslims, since Hausas are predominantly Muslims. Do any of my Nigeria friends recognize her or know of her family?

On another note, the doctors are still considering little Chris’s case for surgery. This is VERY good news, since last week the thought was that his medical condition might be too complicated. Please keep praying!

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