Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Three Funerals and a Wedding

After burying little Chris’s baby sister and two of his aunts, the Mwajims are celebrating the traditional wedding of their very dear friend, Dr. Ben, to his beautiful bride Chika. In Nigerian custom, there will also be a large church wedding that will include many more people. Dr. Ben and Chika are considered married now because her family has given her to Dr. Ben.

Daniel had the distinct honor of being “first witness” and collecting the dowry (given to the bride’s family from the groom). It included palm wine, naira (money), kola nut, yam, crates of beer, and even a goat that was killed, cut into pieces, and given to a select few to take home and eat with their families.

Blessings to Dr. Ben and Chika!

(Photos courtesy of Daniel. I can't enlarge them, but the second one is of killing the goat.)

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