Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Country Of Interest

Did you know that an estimated one million Nigerians and Nigerian-Americans live, study, and work in the United States? And over 25,000 Americans live and work in Nigeria? I learned this while reading an article by Tokunbo Adedoja about Nigeria’s status on the United States’ terrorism watch list.

Nigerian Acting President Goodluck (through his US Ambassador Adefuye -- try saying THAT ten times!) is urging President Obama to remove Nigeria as a “country of interest.” Citing the Christmas day underwear bomber, Adefuye said, “"This event, serious as it is, is a one-off incident and ought not to have warranted the classification of Nigeria as a country of interest in the fight against terrorism."

Obama’s response was that Nigeria has an important role to play as a regional and global leader. He urged that together, we “"must continue our efforts to fight terrorism and violent extremism so as to make West Africa a safer place."

After reading yesterday about the so-called Christian militia in Michigan, I’m reminded that we also need to fight crazy Americans to make our world a safer place.

(Photo from Google Images)

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