Thursday, April 22, 2010

Universal Child

Okay, I admit I'm a fan of the American Idol singing competition. If you want to know why yesterday's "Idol Gives Back" show touched my heart so deeply, click here. Annie Lennox's video highlights a young African girl with AIDS, followed by a moving performance of Annie's song, Universal Child. What's so exciting is that stories like that little girl's happen regularly at Faith Alive.

I HIGHLY recommend that you watch the video if you want a GOOD cry. Before going to Faith Alive, I'd watch the Give Back show and weep. I was exposed to the world's needs but didn't know how on earth I could help address these problems. Now my tears are of joy because I'm personally connected to a place that DOES know and is part of the solution.

(Annie's shirt declares "HIV Positive," which she says is to show solidarity with the millions of people around the world who live with HIV/AIDS. Her blood doesn't have HIV, but her heart flows with compassion for women and children with HIV.)

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