Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bringing Goodluck to the U.S.

On Monday, Nigeria’s Acting President Goodluck Jonathan will meet President Obama in Washington, D.C for a Nuclear Security Summit. According to CNN, “The goals of the Nuclear Security Summit are to come to a common understanding of the threat posed by nuclear terrorism, to agree to effective measures to secure nuclear material, and to prevent nuclear smuggling and terrorism. The Summit will focus on the security of nuclear materials, leaving other broad topics such as nonproliferation, disarmament, and peaceful nuclear energy to different forums.”

Since the Christmas Day wanna-be bomber’s actions, Nigeria is on the “country of interest” list. Just wondering if Goodluck’s underwear will be given an extra security patdown.


  1. Thanks Nna. In America we say "always wear clean underwear" in case people might see it if we're in a car accident or fire. We need to add airport security to the list of reasons!