Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dedication Declaration Part 1

The Faith Alive bookmark’s OTHER side says:

We have gathered to declare that we will refuse to settle for less than God’s best! Therefore we make the following affirmations:

I AM CONFIDENT IN GOD’S PROMISES. My past has been forgiven. My future is secure and God has a purpose for my life.

I AM COMMITTED TO GOD’S PURPOSES. I will live my life serving God’s purposes with God’s power for God’s glory. I will value character over comfort, serve over status and people over possessions.

I AM COMMITTED TO GOD’S PEOPLE. We declare that unity in Chris bridges all differences. We are one in Christ! Standing side by side with my brothers and sisters, I commit myself to grow spiritually, love unconditionally and serve faithfully.

Tomorrow’s blog post will have the bookmark prayer that’s a great creed for all of us. Stay tuned!

(Photo courtesy of Frank Lozano, of some of God's people outside Faith Alive. This gathering area is where patients and staff sign in or wait for patients, and one of my favorite places.)

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