Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cake Too!

Oh, how I wish I were in Jos today to celebrate Easter. I would get up from a white plastic chair at church and, in my thick black and blue/green Nigerian skirt and top, sing and dance for hours. Together with my Faith Alive Family, we would pray and laugh and cry tears of joy that HE IS RISEN.

Instead, I wore my thick black and blue/green Nigerian skirt and top to my church in Colorado. I sang joyful hymns with my husband, son, mom, dad (who has a fabulous, deep voice), friend Joyce, and new friends Debbie and her two-year-old daughter Teye Gyang. We came back to our house to eat a traditional American Easter ham, made even tastier with Debbie’s delicious Jollof Rice with curry. After the meal I got up from my chair to get the angel food cake and Debbie said, “Cake too? Wow!”

I have a newfound appreciation for that cake, because it’s such a luxury for many of my Nigerian friends. My options were to eat it and feel guilty, eat it and be grateful, or not eat it. Since I’d already bought the cake and didn’t want to waste it, I opted for a combination of the first two choices.

(Photo from Google Images)

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