Monday, April 12, 2010


Walking through a lush green path nestled in Florida swampland this morning, I saw a sign. It said “Warning: Do Not Approach Alligators or Poisonous Snakes.” Hmmm. Maybe overly curious or risk takers really need to be told, but not me. I stopped dead in my tracks just to let a back-raised raccoon cross the path.

Like most everything, it got me thinking about Nigeria. What signs do and don’t I see there? Maybe they’re there, but I haven’t seen any signs saying not to approach men with AK47s or roaming lions. Either Nigerians don’t see the value in spending (or have) money for these signs, they believe people foolish enough to approach danger are due the natural consequences, or they’re just plain smarter than Americans.

Speaking of signs, this is the exact place I was a year ago when I read an article about Ellen Sirleaf Johnson’s autobiography. I was so inspired by how she overcame extreme hardships and dangers to become the first woman President of Liberia.

“Wow,” I thought. “Dr. Chris’s life is at LEAST this inspirational. He needs to write a book about Faith Alive. He so BUSY, though. When would he have the time? Who else would write it? It should be a Christian who really believes in all aspects of Faith Alive and has the time and talent.” I had the first two, but knew my English Literature degree was rusty. “God, is this your will? If it is, I need Your power and strength to guide me.”

At dinner that evening, I timidly asked my husband for his opinion. He knows me better than anyone. Would he inwardly scoff and think it was too lofty, just another one of my crazy ideas?

“Of course you can write it,” he said, as if I’d asked if he thought I was able to walk across the room. He’s been my biggest supporter (and even brought me back to Rosen Shingle Creek again this year while he’s toiling away in business meetings).

Sometimes the best signs are verbal.

(Photo of Mark and me at a Habitat For Humanity Voyage to Africa fundraiser last week.)

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